Dog Trekking and Backpacking

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Dog Back Pack

Well padded, weather proof, adjustable chest strap + 2 adjustable belly straps hold backpack in place. Backpack has wide "saddle" that keeps it centered on a dog's back. A ring for attaching a leash is situated on the end of the backpack (allows dogs to pull even with the backpack on). A must for dog trekking!

Ski Belt Simple- Race

This belt is made from compressed, porous, water resistant materials and ensures good extended pulling power. It is recommended to fasten the belt around the hips in order to limit pressure on stomach muscles. The belt features a unique "lowered pull force" design that helps to distribute the pull force to only the hip area covered by the belt as well as the buttocks.

Booties Comfort

Made out of three layers of special plush foam like fabric. Bottom is reinforced for wear resistance. Booties are excellent for wearing on rough ground and in snow. Great for pet dogs and also for protecting a dog's injured foot.

Soft Universal Harness

This soft universal harness was developed from the experience of using the Long Distance harness during the Iditarod and Yukon Quest dog sled races. This harness was developed for more sensitive dogs. Padding extends on the neck and on the chest, made out of non-soaking foam also covering the chest ring, to eliminate contact between metal and dog hair.

Ski Line for 1 Dog

3 m (9.5 ft) long before stretching, made out of 1 inch wide tubular webbing with built-in bungee. Can also be used for canicross, bikejoring and dog trekking. 2,30 m long before stretching, about 3 m long after stretching, made out of 1 inch wide tubular webbing with built-in bungee for each dog.

Bungee Line for 2 Dogs

2.1m long before stretching, and 2.7m long after stretching, made out of 1 inch wide tubular webbing with built-in bungee for each dog. Having a double bungee ensures good, evenly distributed pulling power and reduces tangles from dogs not pulling equally. Can be use for dog scootering, canicross, bikejoring and dog trekking. One color only.

Merhi Harness

This harness was developed at the request of hound and hound cross breed owners. The harness is designed to eliminate "under arm" and chest rubbing. This harness is an outstanding choice for canicross, dog trekking, leading, bikejoring and dog scootering.

Treat bag

This small bag comes very handy for carrying your dog's treats with you while obedience training, competing or simply going for walk. Fill it up with your dog's daily ration of dry food while hiking.

Can be attached and carried on a waist belt.



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