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Soft Universal Harness

This soft universal harness was developed from the experience of using the Long Distance harness during the Iditarod and Yukon Quest dog sled races. This harness was developed for more sensitive dogs. Padding extends on the neck and on the chest, made out of non-soaking foam also covering the chest ring, to eliminate contact between metal and dog hair.

Merhi Harness

This harness was developed at the request of hound and hound cross breed owners. The harness is designed to eliminate "under arm" and chest rubbing. This harness is an outstanding choice for canicross, dog trekking, leading, bikejoring and dog scootering.

Siberian Race Harness

This harness is manufactured by Manmat and is the hound harness style. Jana Henychova has been helping to develop this style of harness for broad chested Siberian Huskies for long distance races or intense workouts. This harness is designed to reduce the loss of hair around the neck, and areas that come into contact with the harness.

Half Lash Harness

The material of padding has been tested for wear, does not damage dog’s hair, does not freeze and absorbs only minimum of water.

This harness is very light and great for skijoring, canicross, bikejoring and dog scootering. This harness can be used also as walking and trekking harness.


Bottom layer - silon - non woven polyester

Hound Harness

Designed for difficult to fit, wide and deep chested dogs, especially purebred pointers and pointer crosses. Specially constructed neck opening and breast plate keeps this harness centered on the dog's chest. Construction of the "collar" minimizes pressure on the dogs throat, pull force is distributed mostly to the sides of the "collar".

Lash Harness

Harness LASH is an universal working harness for most dog breeds. Its main benefit is the setting of tension proportion between the chest part and the back part of the harness using a buckle.

Light Weight Harness

Made out of 1 inch wide light weight, extremely durable tubular webbing, with a smaller neck opening and longer body than our Standard Harness. Special breast plate design minimizes turning and "under arm" rubbing. Light weight, open cell breathable TEBOX padding extends along the harness's entire length. This padding material is a MANMAT exclusive.

Harness Sled

TEBOX padding around neck, double wide breast plate in an X-back style. Extremely durable webbing. Designed to fit Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes and Samoyeds. Also fits Retrievers, German shepherds and other large breeds. It has a larger neck opening and shorter body.

Harness Guard

Harnesses are made of 100% polypropylene. The material used for padding has been tested for wear, does not damage the dogs' hair, andis resistant to icing and moisture. The Guard harness is the harness of choice for skijoring, bikejoring, canicross and dog trekking (see below).



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