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About us & our vision:

  • our aim is to promote dry land mushing sports in Australia such as dog scootering, canicross, bikejoring and dog trekking.
  • our effort should also help to reduce number of hyperactive dogs in shelters - one way to achieve that is to give dog enough exercise - running > mushing
  • we also compete in dog scootering
  • we foster care dogs
  • we walk (run/scoot) dogs for adoption in our free time usually on the weekend  
  • we offer the widest range of high quality equipment for mushing in Australia
  • we support sled dog clubs in NSW, Victoria, WA and Tasmania
  • we support the best Australian mushers
  • we participate or organise events
  • we run training sessions for groups and individuals
  • we write articles about dry land mushing activities 

Mushing...new dimension of friendship








Mushing is great excerise for energetic dogs and to be able to start you need a quality equipment and train your dog. You can find a lot of usefull infromation on our website. From our store you can get an equipment for all dryland mushing disciplines, walking and running with your dog. 

Active Dog is no. 1 supplier of sled dog equipment in Australia.

We are proud to be the Exclusive distributor of ManMat dog equipment and KOSTKA scooters.

Many Yukon and Iditarod mushers using ManMat gear.

All products and materials are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

We operate mainly online but if you want to see our products or have your dog fitted for a harness please contact us beforhand to arrange a visit. We are based in Sydney.

Mushing is all about dog powered adventures. Try it...love it...have a fun. 

It's addictive.


P: (+61) 0490 377 050 - call Martin & Monika after 4:30PM
E: kss.manmat@gmail.com  - Martin and Monika
E: activedog.aus@gmail.com  - Michal
A: PO BOX 5087
    NSW 2190
Company: C2A PTY LTD
ABN: 61 603 684 135 
KOSTKA - Czech scooters

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