Diane Baker - SA

Name: Diane Baker  

Nickname: no nickname that I know of. Most people call me Di.

Age: 51

State: Kyneton Victoria


BAW BAW dash - http://dogsleddash.com/

NVDSC - http://nvsdc.org.au/

Facebook : Diane Baker

Place where I train: Forests around Kyneton and at Husky club and NVDSC events. 

Disciplines: I have raced in every class from one dog to eight dogs in the last 25 years in the sport. The last 2 years I decided to try Bikejoring and Canicross , as dry land rig racing is difficult with my lower back injury.

Dogs: We have 12 Alaskan Huskies and have another 5 temporary Alaskans that my husband trained and raced that are owned by Karen Mc McCarthy. Originally I showed and raced Siberian Huskies but over the years we got Alaskans and did not replace our Siberians. 

 When did you start Mushing:  I have been involved in breeding, showing and training Siberian huskies since I was 14 years old, when my mother brought me my first husky. My husband and I have continued breeding and training together for at least 25 years , moving from Siberian Huskies to Alaskan Huskies.

The best results: I have done very well in the sport of the years, winning and placing in a number of classes.  My motto has been” complete my races clean and safely and a win is always a bonus”

This year (2015) I really enjoyed doing canicross at NVDSC and doing Mt Baw Baw sled race as it was so challenging.  

My hardest Sled dog Race. Racing teams in Russia in2008. I only had a few days to get to know the dogs and then run them 50km a day for 3 days. It was so challenging but very rewarding.                    

The most exciting moment during a race: Is the start count down, where you and the dogs are pumping with adrenalin and excitement of the unknown before the start.

What do I like about the sport: It is a sport that has grown over the last 30 years. It tests the musher and continually gives you goals to work toward. There is also the comradery and friendships made.  My husband and I really enjoy mentoring adults and especially children in the sport.    We love to share our knowledge and learnings  to enable others to improve and do well.      

Favorite race: There has been so many different races, distances and terrains that I have experienced and enjoyed over the years.  I do prefer snow to dirt racing and I do prefer longer than shorter distance.  My favourite this year was Mt Baw Baw, it was a technical track that was 9.9 km long so I was out there for about 40 mins.

Why Sleddog racing : It was a natural progression to owning Huskies to racing them. It is an additive sport and if the sport continues to challenge Wayne and I’m sure we will continue to race and be involved until our bodies won’t let us.  

How often do you train:   We start about training in March and train about 4 times a week dependent on the temperature. We are lucky to have twenty acres so if it is too hot or humid to train we free run the dogs.



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