Ebony Powell - QLD

NAME: Ebony Powell

AGE: 11

STATE: Queensland 
CLUB/website: Northern Exposure Gig Racing Club/ http://www.negrc.org.au

PLACE WHERE I TRAIN: Girard State Forest, Drake, NSW. Esk State Forest and Beerburrum State Forest, QLD. At home in Mango Hill we run around the estate or go down near some bush trails near our house.

DISCIPLINES: 1 Dog Junior, Canicross DOGS: We have 3 Siberian Huskies, Raskus and Chinook (brother and sister), and Snow, who we fostered from SHAMROQ, and have just adopted him! I usually run with Chinook, but I batter my eyelids to dad enough I might get to run Snow next year, as he is very fast!

WHEN DID YOU START MUSHING: We started in 2014. Raskus and Chinook had just turned 1 year old and mum and dad wanted to try something different with the dogs, as that is what they were bred to do. I had a go in the fun runs and loved it.

THE BEST RESULTS: The best results I have had are 1st place in junior class at Race 1, the NEGRC Northern Challenge (Race 2), Race 3, Race 4 and Race 6. Also my other best results are in Canicross, when I came 5th (pretty good for me) at the NEGRC Northern Challenge, 1st at Race 3, Race 4 and 2nd at Race 6.

THE MOST EXCITING MOMENT DURING A RACE: While racing, my most favourite parts of the race, is the start, passing (if I’m not out first) and coming across the finish line. My most favourite things while racing in Canicross is passing people and saying “byeee” and running for fun knowing, “what you put in, you get out”.

WHAT DO I LIKE ABOUT THE SPORT: Camping with all the people in our club is lots of fun and making new friends. The best bit is seeing how excited the dogs are when they know it is time to run. FAVOURITE RACE: I don’t really have a favourite race because all the races and training runs have been really fun, but if I had to choose one, the NEGRC Northern Challenge was really awesome. We run straight out of the campsite and we don’t have to drive anywhere in the car at 5am in the morning.

WHY SLEDDOG RACING: Before I was born my parents bought a husky puppy. I loved her to bits as we grew up together. After she suddenly passed away and had our time to mourn, we bought another two. After some extensive research we found NEGRC and went along to give our dogs a trial run. They were naturals and I was hooked! With this season being my first time competing and have had many opportunities going on the rigs and quads with the adults, I want more dogs added to our pack, my parents to buy more land, and purchase a rig. My ultimate goal one day is to travel down to the snow with our dogs and race in the snow.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU TRAIN: During Summer it gets pretty hot here so we don’t do much hard work with them at all, just some walks and playtime in the dog park across the road from home. When the temperature starts dropping we try to go for runs sometimes on weekends or my parents get up early in the mornings during the week and jog and scoot with the dogs.

SPORT IN AUSTRALIA: A lot of people here in Queensland we come across don’t know anything about dryland racing, they have never heard of it. The school I attend now know about this sport as I have promoted this in our school newsletter and assembly of my achievements. It would be nice to have more juniors in the sport for more competition. This season we have had a camera crew doing a mini documentary on the sport, so I think we are slowly getting there. Once the documentary is done, I am going to show everyone. I would love to see the sport televised so I can watch it at home.















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