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Author: Daphne Lewis

Book: Dog Scooter

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Free downloads about Dog scootering, Dry land mushing and CaniCross: 

What you need to get started in sledding, kick scootering or mushing 

History of sled dog racing

A guide to common Dog Mushing commands

Getting started in Mushing

About Sled dogs and sled dog racing - FAQ

Harnessing your energy & townline thruth

Mush with Pride

Bloat - the mother of all emergencies

Source: "An introduction to Sledding" (The Siberian Husky Club of NSW Inc.) 2010 

How to chose the right size of your harness - measuring your dog

Shoulder Harness

X-back harness

Source: " & ManMat"





Before you get your puppy






After you get your puppy 






Source: Free books on Preparing for and raising puppies by Dr Ian Dunbar


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