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Lee Trew   - Dingo x ( Bluegum Bushcraft - )

Lee taught bushcraft and 'coyote mentoring' on youth camps, before training as a psychotherapist and counsellor, specialising in children and adolescents.Lee has been using Jon Young's coyote mentoring approach for over a decade, and began learning and teaching bushcraft as a teenager at the Forest School Camps in the UK. He studied indigenous survival skills at Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School, and Practical Primitive, both in the US, and spent a year living in the bush, finding shelter, water and food on the landscape; putting it into practice. 
Lee presented a seminar on rewilding at the Ultimate Health Event in Sydney, featured in ABC's Life at 9 documentary, and was the bushcraft and trapping consultant for Australian film.

"I first tried bike-joring as a way to tire out my ultra-high-energy dingo x kelpie. It was amazingly effective! She loves getting to have adventures out bush, and I love the thrill of feeling her pull. I've been teaching her the mushing commands and that's added a new dimension of pack leadership to our relationship.
But the Ezy-dog harness I bought quickly wore bald patches under her arms, so I got online to find a harness that was actually designed for pulling. Mostly what I found was full-back husky harnesses that are not ideal for joring.
Then I found Manmat Australia's site, and gave Michal a call. I quickly realised I had come to exactly the right place. Michal was extremely generous with answering my many questions, and went above and beyond in his assistance to make sure that my dog got exactly the right harness for her. His passion for joring and for dogs is obvious.
Manmat's equipment is well-designed, well-made and has a lot of experience behind it. I ended up getting a Guard harness and a Half-lash, and alternating between the two so that there are no consistent pressure points. Both of them work like a dream and let her pull as hard as she likes, without discomfort or rubbing. 
I take my dog out on the bike pretty much every day, and sometimes we go on foot in the bush - she pulls on a bungee lead attached to my waist, so I get a power-assisted bushwalk, and she gets to thoroughly drain her energy.
Her time in the harness, working for me, is the basis of our relationship. In three months of she has gone from being a wild animal (she was found in the bush, then lived in a shelter) to being one of the most responsive and satisfied dogs I know. And I have joring to thank for much that.
If you're interested in getting your dog to pull you - on bike, scooter or foot, Manmat Australia should be your first port of call."


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