Scooting technique

Scooting technique

  • A) Basics of kicking technique
  • B) Learn to change legs
  • C) Turning

A) Basics of kicking technique

B) Learn to change legs

Here are 3 main techniques of changing legs:

  • Basic foot change
  • Hop change
  • The flying dutchman

Change feet after 3-10 kicks and more often if riding uphill.

Basic foot change

Learn this technique as the first one. 

Note: When riding uphills increase kick frequency (shorter swings but more frequent).

























Hop change :-)

Learn this technique after  you learnt "The Basic foot change" and once you are confident with riding your scooter.

This technique is the most effective when you riding very steep hills and the speed is low.











C) Turning

For example if you turning left have your left feet ready to put it on the ground if neccesary or kick by your left feet. Do the same thing on the other side.





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