Assembly Instructions:

All scooters are in carton boxes and all you have to do is to fit handlebars (2-4bolts), front and rear wheel. Assembly takes about 10-15 min.

A) Scooter Assembly - The main manual of scooter assembly for download here in PDF (1,3 MB)

Note: The tool kit is in a box attached to the scooter frame  and quick releases are attached to the wheels. All kick scooters should fit into the car boot by just taking off the front wheel.

B) If you order also Handlebar endsyou might find this assembly useful - for download here in PDF

C) Flexible steel adaptor (for dog scootering)- how to fit it to the Tour Cross or Hill Cross scooter - instruction for download here in pdf (note: Hill Dog, Tour Dog, Mushing and Mushing Pro scooters come with the adaptor and leash already fitted).



D) Brakes

Shimano V brake (Hill, Tour & Mushing scooters)

General Safety information and Technical Service Instructions for download here in PDF (146kB)

Lever drawing exploded view for download here in PDF (273 kB)

Brake drawing exploded view for downolad here in PDF (299 kB) 


Shimano Disc brake (Mushing Pro, Hill Pro)


General Safety information and Technical Service Instructions for download here in PDF (298kB) 


Rear disc brake exploded view for dowload here in PDF (120kB)


Adding Mineral Oil and Bleeding Air - service instruction for download here in PDF (121kB)





General notes:

The scooter is designed for one person only and the load capacity is 120-150kgs (see spec.).

  • During the scootering is prohibited load up more than the scooter is designed for, ride in two, jumping from walkways and kerbstones
  • modify scooter's frames


Before each ride :

  • tightness of quick release levers, nuts and bolts
  • tyres air pressure (recommended tyre pressure is on the side of each tyre)
  • tyres if not damaged
  • brake function
  • brake pads abd their contact with rims
  • brake cables
  • lights function if riding in dark




  • Check the headset/stem. Handlebars must turn freely and smoothly but can't be lose. 
  • Lubricate brake cables with multipurpose "3 in1 type" oil.
  • Check spoke tightness - tighten if loose to prevent rim damage
  • Check if tyres are not damaged (if necessary replace tyres)
  • Clean wheels, tyres and frame with water and protect with a non-abrasive polish wax 
  • Check headset and wheel bearing adjustment - take to cycle shop for adjustment

Annual check

  • Check wheels and trueness of rims - take to your local cycle shop for correction


We highly recommend that you take your KOSTKA footbike to a qualified bicycle technician at least once a year for a full service and adjustment or more frequently as necessary.



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